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Education for women 

A woman plays a vital role in the society. An educated woman can be conversant with her duties as a citizen of a nation. An educated woman can contribute much in the growth of her nation. Moreover, woman with the support of education can perform a matchless role as a mother, sister, daughter, wife and more importantly as a citizen. Educated women have the potential to boost up the economy of a nation by their positive contributions.But dishearteningly, the women population in our country is mostly deprived from education in the name of culture and religion. According to people Islam does not allow women to step out of the house for anything. Likely, the women in our country remain uneducated. However, Allah the almighty mentions clearly in Quran,” This is the duty of every muslim man and woman to acquire knowledge and educate.” Thus, the mentioned reference from holy Quran proves that the rampant wrong concept in the name of religion, about women education, is totally wrong. So, as being a muslim country Pakistan must motivate it’s female citizens to get education. There is immense need of spreading awareness about women education in the country.

Durdana Noor