Will only air Premier League if I’m made host of global broadcast: Nauman Niaz | Pakistan Today

Will only air Premier League if I’m made host of global broadcast: Nauman Niaz

ISLAMABAD: Putting his foot down in a typically robust fashion to quash the escalating #PremierLeagueDikhaoPTV trend on Wednesday, Pakistan Television Director Sports and Head of PTV Sports, alleged doctor, and self-influencing influencer, Nauman Niaz has clarified that the Pakistan Television (PTV) will only air the matches of the English Premier League if he is included in the global broadcast.

Talking to The Dependent in an exclusive interview Niaz clarified that he will not settle for anything less than replacing Seema Jaswal as the host of the global Premier League coverage.

“I might consider replacing Peter Drury and Martin Tyler as the lead Premier League Broadcast commentator, but live commentary requires a lot of quick thinking—I usually prefer taking time to think or not bother doing it at all,” Niaz told The Dependent.

The PTV Sports Director said that his first and foremost priority is to promote local talent and no amount of demands for an overseas sporting event will sway his focus.

“Look at how, and how far, I have promoted this local talent,” Niaz said, pointing to himself with his trademark grin. “Just like this local talent practically owns PTV Sports, one day he will be owning the Premier League broadcast.”

Niaz said that Pakistanis will soon be proud to see one of their own interviewing the likes of Ryan Giggs, Michael Owen, Ian Wright, and other legends of English football.

“Can’t wait to talk to Giggs and Owen like they’re in my durbaar and ask irrelevant, condescending, off-the-pitch questions, so that they eventually say something stupid about themselves or their former colleagues.”

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.