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Scathing Dawn Images article condemns English daily for promoting harassment accused

KARACHI – The moral compass of the nation’s underprivileged English newspaper readers, the supreme wokeist authority on all problems, and in turn everyone problematic, Dawn Images has published a typically scathing critique on a leading English daily.

The article entitled, ‘Dawn, please sit’ has lambasted the English newspaper for promoting an actor who has been widely accused of harassment.

“Please educate yourself and read. It is hypocritical that those talking about sexism and harassment, lecturing and labeling others for their affiliations are now openly promoting someone who has been widely accused of harassment, and for many women is a symbol of the patriarchal uphold over harassment cases,” reads the article.

Images, which has previously condemned the misogyny often on display for clicks on Dawn News Urdu and its social media platform, has repeated its longstanding position saying that anyone being associated with someone accused of sexual crimes is clearly complicit in those crimes.

“Financial decisions can be understandable for any newspaper, especially in these troubled times, but when you have been sweepingly labeling everyone under the sun for associations and affiliations you’re now guilty of yourself, your silence is truly abominable and hence deserves to be called out,” the article adds.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.

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  1. Shahid said:

    Not to mention the rape allegation by Jami against Dawn’s owner ‘Hameed Haroon’ that was swiftly kept under the carpet by all media outlets including Pakistan today.

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