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Slipshod Pulwama investigation

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On 14 February 2019, an explosive-laden vehicle rammed tinto India’s Central Reserve Police Force convoy near Awantipora on the Srinagar-Jammu Highway. Forty CRPF personnel were killed. Without investigation, India blamed Jaish-e-Mohammad’s Adil Ahmed Dar and Pakistan for the incident.

Recent media reports reflect the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) assisted India in corroborating its knee-jerk reaction. The FBI itself is in crisis in the USA. Not only the 216 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton but also President Donald Trump accuse it of dabbling in politics. Time in 2018 reported `Democrats have questioned the integrity of the bureau as well, with both [Hillary] Clinton and her aides claiming [James] Comey and the FBI helped tip the election to Trump…President Trump has continually attacked the integrity of the institution and its leaders, alleging not just incompetence but bad faith in the commission of justice’.

India has `annexed’ the disputed state and announced that situation has become normal. Even some European parliamentarians had a boat ride in Lake Dal. EU Lab report however confirmed that the visit was RAW sponsored through a planted business person

Several questions, given heretofore come to mind about the FBI-cum-NIA `airtight charge sheet’.

  1. Why India had to bank on the FBI when it already possessed all communications from Pakistan. For instance, it intercepted the whole talk between military dictator Yahya Khan and his coterie during the East Pakistan/Bangladesh crisis. It intercepted Musharraf’s conversation with his generals while he was flying back from China to Pakistan.
  2. Immediately after the Pulwama incident, India slated Pakistan for the suicide bombing. The allegation was made even before forensic-lab and National Investigation Agency teams visited the site of the attack, some 30 kilometres from Srinagar. The ndian Express speculated `High-grade RDX explosive, weighing about 80 kilograms, was used in the suicide attack’. The Hindu estimated 100-150 kg was used. Investigating agencies had also taken tower dumps of the attack area to filter out suspicious calls and those made around the time of the attack
  3. The CRPF’s Standing Operating Procedure required movement of up to 100 persons in a convoy. The CRPF had been moving such convoys, comprising more than 2,500 personnel each, on the Srinagar-Jammu highway. In the past fortnight, two such convoys had moved from Jammu to Srinagar. The latest was on February 4, with a convoy of 91 vehicles and 2,871 personnel’. Why could the convoy not spot the lonely suicide vehicle trailing behind? How did the terrorists know the convoy movement was delayed by two days? How did they remain undetected while loading the vehicle with explosives the whole day?
  4. Not only WhatsApp but also landlines have never been accessible even in Hindu-majority Jammu (occupied Kashmir). Then how come `the FBI has told the NIA about the WhatsApp group operated by a member of the terrorist outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad who was in contact with the people who carried out the attack of Pulwama. According to the FBI, a man called Mohammed Hussain was operating the WhatsApp group, a recent of Pakistan’s Muzaffarabad. But the number was however registered under the name of Jameela from Budgam’ (INDIA NEWS NETWORK, August 27).
  5. India has `annexed’ the disputed state and announced that situation has become normal. Even some European parliamentarians had a boat ride in Lake Dal. EU Lab report however confirmed that the visit was RAW sponsored through a planted business person.

Yet, the 4G internet has not yet been restored. `With students across India taking online classes amid the nationwide coronavirus lockdown, the demand for restoration of 4G internet grows for several students who are now forced to take classes on WhatsApp. Nearly 2,200 schools are unable to hold classes and the future of 27 lakh students is at stake,” a plea filed in thew Indian Supreme Cour  reads. Let alone attending these classes, students are not able to download these apps ecause of slow seeds. Students complain, `We are not able to understand what the teacher teaches us because of the weak connection and the poor quality of the video and the video buffers.” “Even on WhatsApp, we are facing difficulties because it takes a lot of time to download simple 2-3 minute audio clips. One of my teachers started writing the answer for our queries and when he wrote about it for half an hour, the last text he wrote was that ‘my thumbs are aching like anything’.”  The government may have restored mobile and internet services in Jammu & Kashmir but popular messaging app WhatsApp will still not work there. According to the whitelisted sites released by the government, JioChat, a messaging app of Reliance Jio, will be the only such platform which will function in the state.

  1. India openly abetted terrorism by mukti bahini (freedom fighters) in East Pakistan. Indira Gandhi called up Sam Manekshaw to attack East Pakistan. Bangladesh was a sovereign part of Pakistan unlike disputed Kashmir. Why did the world remain a silent spectator to India’s state-sponsored terrorism in East Pakistan?
  2. Pakistan never acknowledged its hand in blasts in the disputed state. But Iindia made no bones about stoking insurgency in East Pakistan. Why the world does not draw India’s attention to its role in East Pakistan? Some Indian diplomats and RAW’s cover officers have made startling revelations in their books about involvement in insurgencies or terrorism in neighbouring countries. . For instance, RK Yadav, and B. Raman (The Kaoboys of R&AW: Down Memory Lane) make no bones about India’s involvement in Bangladesh’s insurgency. They admitted that India’s PM Indira Gandhi, Parliament, RAW and armed forces acted in tandem to dismember Pakistan. Raman reminds `Indian parliament passed resolution on March 31, 1971 to support insurgency. India’s security czar Doval publicly claims he acted as a spy under a pseudonym in Pakistan for 11 years.
  3. Roedad Khan, in his book Pakistan: A Dream gone Sour writes Agartala Conspiracy Case was withdrawn, not because the prosecution case against Mujeeb was weak, but because over a million people were out on the streets of Dhaka, several government offices and the houses of ministers were burnt.’
  4. Why the world takes no notice of India’s machinations to foment insurgency in Balochistan? Through proxies like Naila Baloch, India sponsored offensive posters of `Free Balochistan’on taxi cabs and buses in Switzerland and Britain. The USA has recently outlawed the Balochistan Liberation Army. However, earlier, in 2012, a handful of Republicans had moved a pro-separatist bill in US Congress. It demanded `the right to self-determination’.
  5. Pushtun Tahafuzz Movement is apparently being backed by India. In their over-ebullient speeches, PTM’s leaders openly scold Pakistan’s national security institutions. For instance, Manzoor Pashteen, in an interview berated Pakistan Army operations and extolled drone strikes. He said, ‘The Army did not eliminate even a single Taliban leader. All the 87 Taliban commanders killed in the last 18 years were eliminated in drone strikes.’
  6. Kalbushan Jadhav was an Indian-navy officer, attached to RAW. His mission was to covertly carry out espionage and terrorism in Pakistan. India’s Frontline surmised that Jadhav still served with the Indian Navy.The Gazette of India files bore no record of Jadhav’s retirement.

Pulwama investigation has tell-tale signs of being slipshod.

The writer is a freelance journalist, has served in the Pakistan government for 39 years and holds degrees in economics, business administration, and law. He can be reached at [email protected]


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