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Nawaz went abroad for treatment on Punjab govt’s request: Marriyum

–‘Arrest, investigate, prosecute govt officials who recommended Nawaz’s treatment abroad’ 

ISLAMABAD: PML-N Information Secretary Marriyum Augranzeb said on Saturday that the PTI government is desperately trying to shift focus away from their deplorable two-year performance with a new onslaught against PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif because Imran Khan’s political existence “has no roots and cannot survive without using the former PM’s name”.

Talking to media in Islamabad, Marriyum said, “Imran had to use Nawaz’s name to come into power and cannot stay in power for a single day without demonising the PML-N leader because the selected PM could not even lay a brick of development work as opposed to billions worth of projects completed by Nawaz Sharif.”

Slamming the statements regarding setting an example by bringing Nawaz back to Pakistan through legal action, she said the PTI government should start by arresting, investigating and prosecuting Punjab Health Minister Yasmeen Rashid, doctors belonging to the Board of Government as well as the Punjab government, which clearly stated that Nawaz’s treatment was not possible in Pakistan and had to be moved abroad to save his life. 

She said Imran should set an example by bringing back money launderers and taking to task sugar money looters “who he conveniently helped elope the country on a chartered plane”.

The former information minister said this new wave of hoopla against Nawaz is because the “Imran-led mafia government” knows it has destroyed every sector of Pakistan from its economy, industry, businesses, jeopardised national defence to security.

She said Imran’s corruption and corruption-led decisions have plummeted national growth from 5.8pc to minus 0.4pc, while the price of sugar has reached Rs110 from Rs52, flour from Rs32 to Rs78, medicines have become unaffordable because of PTI’s 500pc price hike, petrol has hit the roof with unprecedented price hike and inflation has skyrocketed from 3 to 13pc.

Marriyum said Imran shamelessly inaugurates Nawaz Sharif’s initiated projects and then alleges corruption in the same projects. “Why hasn’t he shut down any of these projects if they were marred by corruption?” she questioned. 

She said the NAB-Niazi alliance is not just called out and criticised by the opposition but the Supreme Court of Pakistan and international rights bodies have also slammed it as an instrument of political engineering and persecution of opposition. 

She stressed that PMLN will stand strong against any law that hampers national growth and progress, adding that those who embezzled Rs13,000 billion in loans, Rs120 billion in Peshawar BRT, trillions in sugar, wheat, flour and petrol corruption and are now busy laundering that money.

Marriyum told the “government’s rented mouthpieces” like Shahzad Akbar to go read the letter written by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi lauding and appreciating the opposition’s role in FATF-related legislation before doing a presser filled with lies.

The PMLN leader warned the PTI government to stop politicisation of matters relating to national security such as FATF as it will have devastating long-term consequences. “Stop telling PMLN what to do regarding FATF legislation because it has more knowledge and experience of such matters than PTI,” she said.

She once again challenged Imran to file a case in the court and name those who demand an NRO. She lambasted that the selected PM neither has the power nor the mandate to give anyone any NRO other than his mafia friends who loot the country.

“Imran Khan has intentionally taken every action to destroy every sector and institutions of the country with a well-planned agenda motivated by the money of those 23 illegal and undeclared accounts for which he refused to answer”, she said.

Answering a question regarding APC, she said the Rahbar Committee is busy formulating the agenda of the APC because the upcoming APC will not end with just a declaration but will start the movement to send this government home.

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