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Need of positive curriculum

 Mainstream education grabs the same degree of importance in modernization and progress of a nation as somatotropin (growth hormones) for a human body, the curriculum also deserves the same magnitude of significance because, without positive literature, education is not just futile, in fact, it is too much harmful owing to the noxious fumes it produces. These fumes composed of chemicals like false history and imperialist national interests upset the health of geographical history and civilization.

When students are introduced to the schooling system at juvenile age, their minds are not competent enough to choose between “right and wrong” so they fell short in ascertaining the facts. At this stage of immature mentality, students should be asked to think critically and question as much as they can but they are forcefully directed towards a single route without glancing at other directions. This non-questioning culture goes in favor of boosting the life of an ancestral standard school of thought.

There are a million dogmas and doubts in different articles of faith and for the observation of diverse grounds of ideologies, one should be provided with a satellite view not only for consideration of different beliefs but also for scrutinizing his/her own.

Discerning the potentiality of students on account of their grades adds impetus to facilitate a rote learning system, this is how creative thinking is murdered, innovative ideas are slaughtered and thoughtful ideas are muted. The void of ideological control in the curriculum should be filled with a productive intellect rather than xeroxing the same feeble dumbness.

Some sheets of paper can never decide one’s future, but the way he/she thinks and struggles and behaves is all the fruit of the seed that curriculum had sown in the soil of education system.

Education is not all about having expertise and knowledge but having proper etiquettes and moral character makes you a well off for education, so ethics and character-building should also be made an important part of the curriculum.

Another crucial thing that is more or less lacking in our curriculum is awareness of human rights and how to elevate the spirits of students to fight for the rights of fellow people, as education is not limited to differentiate between employed and unemployed. Education, in real means, is a perpetual journey from “Learn to Lead”. And leaders are made by the magnitude of leading aspirations, not by the heavyweights of satchels. Therefore, the education system should accentuate students to participate in social work too and engage in such activities.

There are no noticeable borders of knowledge. It starts from nowhere and keeps flowing like a stream, this stream must keep going in our curriculum as well, implanting different of its kinds like World & geographical history, ethnic heroes, local politics, mental health, interfaith studies, self-defense, stage performing arts and logical reasoning.

All the abovementioned things are unavoidable and fundamentally essential for a positive and healthy curriculum. These changes and additions sum up to generate a great outcome and make education a complete policy for the betterment and advancement of nations.

Hasnain Bhutto


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