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Problems in system

Our Criminal Justice system of Pakistan is standing on its three poles; investigation, arrest and judiciary. These organs are interdependent on one another and can’t be enforced unless they work simultaneously with one other.

In Pakistan, police are more extensively detested and untrusted institutions that are filled with corruption; as per public survey. Carelessness and malfeasance of police have encouraged the crimes and offences which cause people unrest and uncomfortable to live.

Judicial system of Pakistan is having millions of cases unconcluded that are alarming in delaying justice. On the part of police, it lacks un-to-date investigation techniques unlike collection of evidence, production of witnesses, limitless adjournments of the court, dozens of cases are assigned to a single investigation officer and above all expenses of investigation are borne from their own salary therefore drawbacks are axiomatic.

Umpteen policies are in existence, yet unfortunately, null implementation on it. It is high time that concerned authorities must lend their attentive ears to such perilous factors that really require focus; in future law enforcers and policymakers should work together to detect the shortcomings over which they can work and the government should emphasize on police, to be honest, and sincere with its duties, finally thus remedial measures can improve our criminal justice system of Pakistan.

Shafi Ahmed Khowaja

Jati Sujawal


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    Your comment…this is Right Police is the worst department in Pakistan and having alots of Corruption,,

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