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Religion and corona

Islam is religion of peace and humanity which teaches us each and every manner and SOPs of world, From the very beginning of corona there has been a fight between religion and safety. As we all know this virus reacts when touched, islam teaches us to be at home if you have a disease which spreads by touching.

Everyone was blaming Non muslim countries as if it’s their trick to stop muslims from worshipping but there is a circle of discipline to understand islam because at some points islam wants us to be strict or to ease ourselves because there are more than one way to go through a problem.

Same for corona, we were surrounded by numerous thoughts stuck in our mind to go  to masjid or not, shake hands or not, to hug or not but no one was giving a particular statement proven by islam because these things are related to our culture and pakistanis knows perfectly to manifest cultures. People were really confused and were not performing their roles in (no hand shakes and hugs). They were just chilling here and there, no follow up for hygiene.

After sometime virus was taken seriously then Molana’s and Mufti’s showed up and told people what islam says to do during pandemic and everything is going nicely along with SOPs.

Suhail Saeed Tunio



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