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Don’t open schools

 As we all know that the pandemic situation is going all over the world. This is the worst time for everyone because COVID-19 has left us in great lose. Like our health, economic and educational system is destroyed very badly. In Pakistan all schools were closed on February 26 after first case of corona was found. So that’s why all the educational institutions closed and destroyed the whole educational system.  But as a number of cases arose all the educational institutes were closed then most of the universities, colleges and schools started online classes which resulted in good. Introducing online classes was a great initiative as this helps alot to students to learn from home. PTV also introduced online learning videos  which also helped teenagers especially. Now school owners are asking to reopen schools but the thing which we and they need to understand is that nowadays where people are not following SOP’s in markets how will they follow in school. If you want to resume the education system then first reopen university because reopening universities and colleges are another thing because in university and college there are adult students and they shall follow SOP’s but not school. I request the PM and Federal education minister and all related authorities to pay some attention upon this.

Waliullah noonari