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Modi downplays territory violation in violent Ladakh clash with China

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared to downplay a clash with Chinese troops in a disputed Himalayan region that left 20 Indian soldiers dead and more than 70 injured, saying on Friday there had been no intrusion across his country’s borders.

“Nobody has intruded into our border, neither is anybody there now, nor have our posts been captured,” Modi said, referring to Ladakh’s Galwan valley, where hand-to-hand fighting between soldiers from the nuclear-armed neighbours took place earlier this week.

India and China are attempting to cool tensions after the deadliest clash in at least five decades, with military-level talks taking place in an attempt to deescalate the confrontation.

But Modi’s comments, made in a televised statement at the end of an all-party meeting to discuss the incident, contrasted with his government’s earlier stance.

On Wednesday, Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar had told a senior Chinese diplomat that the dispute was triggered after “the Chinese side sought to erect a structure in Galwan valley on our side of the LAC,” according to a ministry statement.

The LAC refers to the Line of Actual Control, the de facto border that has been a constant source of friction in the region where India and China fought a brief war in 1962.

With his nation in shock over the loss of its soldiers’ lives, Modi faces one of the most difficult foreign policy challenges since he came to power in 2014.

On Friday evening, some opposition parties questioned why the government was not better prepared.

“Does the government not receive, on a regular basis, satellite pictures of the borders of our country? Did our external intelligence agencies not report any unusual activity along the LAC?” said Sonia Gandhi, president of the opposition Congress party.


Earlier on Friday, an Indian government source said that China had returned 10 Indian soldiers captured during the battle.

In a briefing in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian denied any Indian troops had been in its custody. “As far as I know China hasn’t seized any Indian personnel,” Zhao said.

The Indian army did not comment on the release, which according to the source took place on Thursday evening, instead referring to a government statement that said all of its soldiers were accounted for.

India has said the Chinese side also suffered casualties in the clash, but China has not disclosed any.

Military officials have since held talks, but there is no sign of a breakthrough.

“The situation remains as it was, there is no disengagement, but there is also no further build-up of forces,” said a second Indian government source, who is aware of the ground situation.

The official said at least 76 Indian troops were wounded during the clash and had been hospitalised.

“No one is critical as of now,” he said.


The United States offered condolences to India on Friday.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the people of India for the lives lost as a result of the recent confrontation with China,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a message posted on Twitter.

“We will remember the soldiers’ families, loved ones, and communities as they grieve.”

Having actively sought greater economic engagement with China, Modi is compelled to review the state of those ties, just at a time when Sino-US relations have also deteriorated.

As a non-aligned nation, India has always sought to balance the influence of super-powers.

But in the past two decades, New Delhi has built closer political and defence ties with Washington and the United States has become one of India’s top arms suppliers.

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  1. Faizan said:

    Modi is the totally mad making of chai wala and indian people choose this without any skills

  2. samir sardana said:

    Indians now claim that the PLA lost 100s of men in Galwan !!!!!!!

    As an aside, does anyone believe that PRC lost 100 men ? This is also a PLA strategem – to let the Indian Cowards gloat – AND NOT TAKE BACK THE OCCUPIED LAND. The Chinese know the Indian Psyche – the psyche of cowards and weasels.Even in the 1962 rape, by the PLA – the Indians talked of 10000 dead PLA soldiers – and the PLA and PRC, just kept mum !

    It is the PLA policy – to allow the Indians to gloat – as the PLA knows the DNA of the Indians ! They will gloat in public and in private – THEY CONCEDED THE LAND TO THE PRC – which is what the PRC always wanted.

    The Indians are LYING .There are many more dead and many more are POW and MIA.The PLA is also lying – and their casualties should be near ZERO.The encounter happened on PLA land – and would have been over very soon.Killing 20 men with spikes, is easy chowmein, with Beijing Steamed Duck.

    The PLA calculus is that – Indians will gloat over 100/1000 PLA dead (which is a lie) and forget the land taken over by the PLA – in the noise of the lies.They bet that Indians will be conned by the cheap bravado of their politicians ! dindooohindoo

    They bet right ! Bingo !


    Sample the DNA of the Indian weasels – They say that PLA has taken over land – WHICH INDIA CLAIMED AS ITS OWN . they say that it was NOT India’s OWN LAND ! Touche !

    If PLA is on the heights and the Indians went into PLA zone, for talks – how can 100 PLA be killed ?
    At night ? With Night Vision Goggles and Thermal cameras ? Ate there knife wounds,or wire wounds or stone wounds ? And the Indians went unarmed ?

    The Indian apes did not learn the lessons of Shivaji and Aurangzeb ? Zora Singh who was killed by the Chinese – also made somewhat , the same mistake

    And the PLA kill squad made 1 mistake. Best Practices state that 1st you kill the radio/wireless man,then kill the radio,then check the dead bodies for thermal trackers,kill the trackers and then kill the rest.That way there are no re-inforcements.And then do not kill with knives and nails.Kill with stones and fracture the bones and throw the man into the lake to freeze.That way – it is an accident – which no post mortem can prove otherwise. Planning and the right advice is key – and for which a performance based consultant , is critical

    PLA threw stones at night,for hours !? And the Indians did not call in re-inforcements ? And the re-inforcements also came in unarmed ?

    5 hours of stoning and clubbing – in a low oxygen freeze zone ? And there was no drone by the Indians ? No Aerial recon for 5 hours, and they left the Indians to die ? Were the Indians captured, tortured and killed ? Awwwwwwch !

    And in those 5 hours of killing – the 2 Army commanders did not talk ?
    How did the Indians die ? Did they die of loss of blood,trauma,organ failure or pneumonia ?

    Ain’t asking the right questions !

    PLA got away with murder – allowing the lies about the PLA death toll to roll and taking the Indians for a stroll – and throwing their dead bodies into a hole – and keeping the Indian Land under their sole

    The PLA takeover of Indian land and mysterious killing of Indians – is a turning point for the Congress – which they should not miss – as the PRC ain’t never leaving – the land of their Chinese Goddess.

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