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Virus violence

Violence, it seems, is in sync with the Covid-19 situation. As the coronavirus pandemic is continuing to spread at a faster pace, violence is also on the rise across the globe. Recently, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called for a global ceasefire, but the violent actors turned a deaf ear to his request and continued their business. For power seekers, virus has done nothing but paved their way to grab more power. In Yemen, chaos has begun once again after the Southern Transitional Council declared self-rule in southern part of the country. Palestinians are in great distress as Israel started annexing the parts of West Bank. Violence is again uptick in Afghanistan and the nascent Afghan Peace Deal seems to exist in papers alone. In India, Muslims are being persecuted since the outbreak of the pandemic. The world has not yet seen the version of lockdown under which the people of Kashmir are forced to live for almost nine months. It is much disheartening that in these miserable times, better sense has not prevailed and those resentments are still in place as they were present before the virus could unleashed itself. So the International community must play it’s role in protecting the most vulnerable from both virus and violence.

Ali Shan



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