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India’s ‘expansionist policies’ threat to neighbours, PM Imran says

–Says Modi govt not only a threat to Indian minorities but it is also endangering regional peace

–FM Qureshi says China ‘cannot remain oblivious to India’s illegal constructions’ in Ladakh region

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said that the “expansionist policies” of Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) government were “becoming a threat to India’s neighbours”.

The tweets came as tensions between China and India soared after a border standoff on May 5 in which 11 soldiers – four Indian and seven Chinese – were reportedly injured during a patrol in Nuka La, in the northeastern state of Sikkim, which borders Bhutan, Nepal and China. Following the incident, both China and India deployed thousands of additional troops to their border near Tibet.

Indian observers believe that the Himalayan standoff was potentially triggered by New Delhi’s construction of roads and airstrips in the region as it competes with China’s spreading Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Prime Minister Imran observed that India has employed multiple tools to threaten the teetering regional peace. He said that Bangladesh which borders India to the west and north was vulnerable to the citizenship law which is aimed at expelling India’s biggest minority, Muslims, through their deregistration.

He noticed that the despicable actions come in addition to “illegal annexation to [Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir] IOJK” which is “a war crime under 4th Geneva Convention”. “Laying claim to [Azad Jammu and Kashmir] AJK” is another example, he said.

The premier said that India has also “threatened [Pakistan] was false flag operation” on various occasions. He recalled saying that the Modi government was not only a threat to Indian minorities but has also endangered regional peace through its hostile policies.

Separately, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Wednesday warned that India’s aggressive policy towards its neighbours is putting the regional peace and security at stake.

The foreign minister, while talking to different TV channels, said that the world community must take notice of it. Qureshi said that recent conflict between China and India was triggered by the latter’s illegal constructions in Ladakh. He said that while China wishes to resolve issues through dialogue, it “cannot remain oblivious to India’s illegal constructions”.

The foreign minister expressed concern over the construction of roads and airstrips by India in Ladakh, which is a disputed territory.  He pointed out that New Delhi had stripped occupied Jammu and Kashmir of its special status last year, saying that the move shows India’s intention of “changing the demographic composition of the territory”.

He said that India has used the land of Afghanistan against Pakistan.

In a separate statement, the foreign minister said, “The world should take notice of India’s motives, where is it headed? Sometimes India has problems with Nepal, at other times, it (New Delhi) tries to disrupt the Afghan peace process. India tries to promote unrest in Balochistan and now it has done the same in Ladakh and is trying to blame China for it.”

Earlier this month, Indian media reported that several Indian and Chinese soldiers were injured in a border face-off at Naku La in North Sikkim.

Currently, soldiers from both sides are camped out in the Galwan Valley in the high-altitude Ladakh region, accusing each other of trespassing over the disputed border, the trigger of a brief but bloody war in 1962.

About 80 to 100 tents have sprung up on the Chinese side and about 60 on the Indian side where soldiers are billeted, Indian officials briefed on the matter in New Delhi and in Ladakh’s capital, Leh.

Both are digging defences and Chinese trucks have been moving equipment into the area, raising concerns of a long faceoff, according to media reports.

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