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Down-on-his-luck Salman Butt offering spot-fixing solutions on

LAHORE – Pakistan has always had a bad impression for not valuing and honoring its con-artists, especially in bleak times. Similar is the recent case with a world renowned artist from Lahore who became the talk of the town for posting an ad.

Another example of disowning our con-artists, Mohammed Asif’s recent interview had gone viral on social media. It underlines how much we miss the heroes of their field. The government and boards have betrayed these heroes and failed to provide compensation to them.

This time, it’s the truly exceptional spot-fixer Salman Butt who is in the limelight. Recently, Butt was seen offering spot-fixing solutions on a freelance marketplace.

Such stories indeed make us fans and admirers sad, watching some of our favorite fixers struggling to make ends meet.

The ace spot-fixer Salman Butt posted an ad, “I will make a professional spot-fixing deal for you, for $100,” on Fiverr. After sharing it on his official Facebook, reactions started pouring.

The sympathy came in numbers, as people asked him to take down the ad, eventually prompting Salman Butt to step in.

“I (Salman Butt) am not ashamed of earning like this. So stop making it something I should be ashamed of,” Butt said while talking to The Dependent

“Maybe they [sympathisers] did it out of love, feeling I deserve better or I should demand more in return. But it’s very demotivating for a con-artist when all he’s doing is exploring a new market,” he added.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.