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Parliament session on Covid-19 ‘a waste of time’, Fawad says

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry on Tuesday called parliament session on Covid-19 situation a “waste of time” and suggested that instead scientists and virology experts should brief the MPs on the subject.

In a series of tweets, the minister revealed that he has written a letter to National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri in this regard.

In his letter, Chaudhry said, he had mentioned that the speeches during the assembly sessions are a mere “waste of time” as the “same statements can be made during press conferences”.

Chaudhry said that if the lawmakers are brought together to discuss the pandemic then they should be briefed by medical experts.

He added that the parliamentarians should be told how the virus is progressing and what are the symptoms and treatments discovered so far.

Chaudhry said that there was no use of the sessions in which the politicians only hurl accusations at each other.

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