Curve is finally flattening, says PM before realising chart upside down | Pakistan Today

Curve is finally flattening, says PM before realising chart upside down

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on wednesday that the COVID-19 curve was finally flattening.

“We’ve finally managed to flatten the curve so that the public health setup could handle the crisis adequately, proving that our strategy of a smart lockdown has actually worked,” he said, holding up a chart of the Corona cases in the country.

“See, it’s right there. The cases seem to be tapering to a flat line,” he said, while beaming at the press conference full of members of the press.

The prime minister’s mood changed quickly, however, when a political aide, Saleem Kheshgi, whispered something in his ear.

“Oh….I’m sorry, I’d thought….,” said the PM. “This doesn’t seem to be…..I don’t think…..well, if…I mean that’s one way of looking at it but there’s also another way of looking at it, if you…, I mean.”

The press conference then ended.

Post-Script: Saleem Kheshgi has been removed from his position in the party amidst rumours of corruption.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


  1. Devinder Sharma said:

    Keeping in mind the stupidity that he does, media is more than fair to him.

    • zafar said:

      You are commenting on this post when your actual situation is that you do not understand what is satire and what is reality !
      Another idiot!

    • Ahmad said:

      بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
      stop spreading lies under the guise of satire, you will surely be questioned by Allah Azzawajal for lying upon the ruler as well as misguiding average people who might not know what satire is. So will the indian media who are falsely propogating such a news. They should all cease from doing so.

    • Hamza said:

      No wonder indians are stupid enough to be brainwashed and please do keep Modi for a decade we will love to see him f*ck india up rehi baat NRC ki to it’s a tactic to lower Muslim votes

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  3. Issac said:

    This is a concocted story, circulated by Patwaris on the payroll of Nawaz Sharif and his 40 thieves.
    Had it been true, it would have been trumpeted by all media specially the his masters voice, GEO group.

    • Talal Khan said:

      dear open ur eyes – its a satire. read the fine print at the end of piece 🙂

    • Naghma said:

      You deaf, dumb and blind moron youthia, listen to the recording and go to hell.

  4. Mohammed Shuaib Sheikh said:

    Satire may be, but it is not beyond him.

  5. NK said:

    Cricket PM will only know how the ball swing trajectory not covid 19 statistics and graphs

  6. Sun Test said:

    This satire perfectly fits Im the dim. See his strategy….he says he is not in favour of lockdown as the poor cannot practically perform social distancing. So it was never about saving lives for him…Since the poor cannot do social distancing anyhow, let us open manufacturing, construction etc. Those who die, die rest as they are young can go on….Thats silly Im the dim for you.

  7. Abu Ahmed said:

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  8. mubuku said:

    IANS Falls for Satire; Claims Imran Read COVID Curve Upside Down – The Quint (India)

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