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KP introduces ordinance to control profiteering

PESHAWAR: Adviser to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister on Information Ajmal Wazir on Tuesday said that the provincial government has introduced an ordinance to keep prices under control during Ramadan.

During a press briefing, Wazir said that anyone who identified people who were profiteering would get 10 per cent of the amount recovered.

He added that the decision has been taken so that “no one takes advantage of people during coronavirus and Ramadan”.

Wazir added that the KP government has eased the lockdown in Ramazan so that shopkeepers can sell their items until 4:00 pm but people should not “throng the markets and should follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs)” set by the government.

He added that people who are well-off should “take care of their neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic and Ramazan”.

He added that Chief Minister Mahmood Khan had also granted rent concessions to tenants on his personal properties to provide them relief.

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