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Indian film body warns artistes against online collaborations with Pakistani counterparts

Federation of Western India CIne Employees (FWICE) has released a statement, advising Indian artistes to follow its non-cooperation directive against working with Pakistani artistes.

Through the statement issued on Sunday, The film body warned that violators would be subjected to disciplinary action.

Since the lockdown, there have been a few cross-border online collaborations among artistes including the much-hyped session featuring Indian singer Rekha Bharadwaj and Pakistan’s “Queen of Ghazal” Farida Khanum. The session was moderated by Ali Sethi, himself an acclaimed classical singer.

In its press release, FWICE cites a collaboration of some Indian artistes (without naming them) with Pakistani musician Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

“We are pained to inform all members that despite being fully aware that FWICE has issued a total non-cooperation circular advising all members not to work in any manner whatsoever with all Pakistani artistes, singers and technicians.

“Some members are blatantly violating the non-cooperation circular by working in various mode and media of Entertainment like a recent instance in which our musicians have worked online with singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan of Pakistan which is being seen online and we have been informed that more such entertainment products and songs are being planned and made,” the statement read.

“While the whole world is united in its fight against coronavirus, Pakistan is busy killing our soldiers on the border and the Indian artiste community should not forget it.”

“We have to strictly inform all the members of our affiliates to kindly note that the Non- Cooperation Circular is valid and subsisting and anyone found cooperating or working in any manner with any Pakistani artistes, singers and technicians, in any mode or media of Entertainment will be subject to strict disciplinary action initiated by FWICE which everyone may please note.

“One should also realize that while the entire world is fighting against the coronavirus, Pakistan is still busy killing our soldiers on the borders. Kindly note no violation of this circular will be allowed and we are sure all members will follow our advice in their own interest,” the statement concluded.

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    Good. I agree with this. Pakistan is no friend of India. Then why should Indians help Pakistanis make money? The collaborators should be isolated and punished.

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