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23 News Talks to Hamza Ali Abbasi!  

— Ever wanted to ask enticing questions to your favorite celebrities? 23 News is doing the job for you and they just got Hamza Ali Abbasi to spill the beans!  

KARACHI: We all have so many questions that we always wanted to ask Hamza Ali Abbasi, don’t we? 23 News just gave us a treat and got some of our questions answered!

23 Questions with 23 News takes us on a one-take journey through Hamza’s house in a whirlwind of Q&A session. For a moment we felt like we were right there in his house listening to him talk about the things we always wanted to know!

Some of our favorite bits were Hamza giving us candid insight into his life. He talked about how he was always late for shootings when we never thought he would be!

Hamza also spoke about roles he would like to take on in the future, people he looks up to and even the truth about “double roti”! In an aww moment he even mentioned how his wife and sister are his favorite celebrities.

Also, how stunning and immaculate is Hamza’s house?!

Before we give too much of it away, we would let you watch the rest of the interview to find out everything on your own!

Stay tuned to 23 News’ social media pages to find more of your favorite celebrities on 23 Questions with 23 News series!

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