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Flawed strategy 

Corona virus has  hastily burgeoned all over the word. It proves a piecemeal catastrophe for nations. It was also an alarming situation but the government should not completely take precautionary measures against Coronavirus and they did not secure men and women who came from China and Iran. Government has no  strategy of screening tests who came from outside of countries or manoeuvred the affected men and women. whereas girly people are considering social media’s mediocre rumors, which is completely baseless. In order to this situation people are suffering starvation and lack of cuisine do not use to parche fundamental amenities. It was polarized by the government to remain their homes. Governments should also spur for their nation and regularly provide foodstuff. On the other hand, the Government has to take precautionary measures and  completely coerce their doctors to scrutinize patients who have suffered from fatal diseases. It must be refuted to take hefty charges during a lockdown situation because it will lead to colossal crime. Come what may we have to communal scramble against Coronavirus by staying at home, don’t shake hands and avoid congregating. We are completely fending and disseminating cognizance in a correct way about health and supplications due to this Pakistan will be free from Coronavirus.

Punhal Khan