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Curbing the outbreak 

Sindh  chief minister, Syed Murad Ali Shah is actively taking appreciated measures to deal with the Coronavirus threat which are really praiseworthy.

Firstly, he has  requested a lockdown for 3 days(march 21-23) to bring stoppage in the spread of deadly coronavirus in Sindh and this  lockdown brings positive outcomes and the ratio of corona patients decreases largely. Moreover closure of educational sectors  was his best decision ever because the quantity of students is in millions in the entire province, if any one student became a Corona patient  then because of that single student teacher and including his classmates would be at risk of Coronavirus.

Secondly, our  Chief Minister announced to launch a mobile-service to provide different nutritions to the needy people on free of cost who are  affected by Coronavirus pandemic across sindh.

Currently, Sindh government has ensured to  make surgical masks available for citizens at low prices and has enacted strict laws on medical shopkeepers who sell coronavirus commodities (Detole, Sanitizer and Mask etc) on   increased prices.

Considering the utmost hard work of Syed Murad Ali Shah and his activeness during the current outbreak of Coronavirus, the World Health Organisation (WHO) appreciated him and ranked him 4th  position in best leading politician, in the act of coronavirus eradication.

In a nutshell, I suggest chief ministers of remaining provinces Jam  Kamal Khan (Balochistan), Usman Buzdar(Punjab) and Mahmood Khan (kpk) to do not ignore this issue because this is the world pandemic disease which is grasper currently and even, a country like China succumbed in front of Covid-19(coronavirus) then how Pakistan can  eradicate and curb when it spread largely.

Sameer umrani