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IHC annuls KP tribunal’s order to give pension to employee against rules

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Wednesday – while hearing a case pertaining to an earlier decision by a tribunal court, directing Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to give pension and other post-retirement perks to an employee against service rules – suspended the decision.

According to details, Muhammad Riaz, an employee of the provincial government, was removed from service prior to the approval of pension and other retiree benefits.

The court, during the hearing, observed that Riaz remained absent for a period of 18 years during his service period. Following this, the court nullified the government’s decision to reinstate the employee and made it a case of formal dismissal from service.

Justice Ijazul Ahsan, who heard the case, observed that the employee in question did not complete the required period of time and therefore stands ineligible to post-retirement benefits.

Defense counsel argued that his client should be given the due allowances in compensation for serving 14 years in a government institute.

However, counsel for the KP government rebutted the claim, noting that a government employee must at least have a tenure of 25 years of government service to earn the right to a pension.

IHC approved the KP government’s stance on the case and dismissed a prior ruling on the case handed out by the provincial tribunal made prior to deal with the issue.

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