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How does this corona bite, Buzdar asks during briefing

— Punjab govt rubbishes claim, says will take legal action against attempt to push ‘ulterior agendas’

Amid all the criticism Punjab government is receiving over what its detractors have called its “inability” to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, in a rather ironic incident, has been quoted as asking “how does the coronavirus bite” during a briefing on the pandemic.

According to an opinion piece published in a local daily, a few days ago Chief Minister Buzdar received a detailed briefing on coronavirus from relevant experts and officials. “The purpose,” the author said, “was to provide him all the information he required as the chief executive of the largest province, so he could make the right decisions.”

“At the end of the briefing, the chief minister asked a question innocently: ‘Yeh corona kaat-ta kaisay hai? (how does this corona bite)?’,”

However, the Punjab government has rubbished the claim, terming it “baseless and fake.”

Through a tweet, the Punjab government has also announced to take legal action against the author for his attempt to “create panic and push ulterior agendas”.

As many as 33 cases have been reported in Punjab with no deaths so far.

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  1. Caladbolg said:

    This country is being run by clowns. It’s official. Last time it was Imran Khan’s mess up on Trees releasing Oxygen at night and now this guy. I mean how many of these jokers are we going to see until there’s some suitable administrations that will run this country properly? The military era was far better for Pakistan, the economy was booming, the Dollar was under control and Pakistan was prosperous back then…

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