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Police arrest 14 after PU clash

LAHORE: Punjab police on Saturday arrested fourteen individuals, currently enrolled at the Punjab University, a day after a violent clash between two student bodies erupted in university premises.

A day earlier, up to 18 people, including 10 security guards, were injured when two student groups clashed with each other outside the Sociology Department.

According to PU Registrar Prof. Khalid Khan, the two groups had indulged in heated arguments in the morning but the spat was resolved. However, after Friday prayer, the argument aggravated and resulted in a confrontation. When security guards tried to intervene, they were assaulted by students.

A first information report (FIR) was registered on Saturday against 13 named and 40 unidentified students at the Muslim Town police station on behalf of the state.

According to the FIR, 10 security officers were injured in the clash between members of the Pashtoon and Punjabi student councils.

The FIR contains sections of disturbing the peace and spreading fear.

The registrar said the students involved in the clash were being identified by the university.

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