Govt taking steps to tackle climate change issue, says Zartaj | Pakistan Today

Govt taking steps to tackle climate change issue, says Zartaj

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul on Monday said that the PTI government had introduced multiple campaigns and taking all possible serious steps to combat the drastic effects of climate change on the region.

Talking to a media house, while listing steps taken by her ministry to tackle climate change issue, she said the government has initiated remarkable programs including go green Pakistan, plantation of trees, ban on plastic bags, renewable energy resources and e-cars to combat with the environmental issue and reduce carbon emission.

She also said addressing challenges and threats of climate change is a common responsibility of all global partners.

Pakistan needs a lot of money to implement its planned agenda, she said adding, it is the responsibility of the world community to help Pakistan in coping disastrous effects of changing climate of the globe.

The United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres is highly concerned with the issues emanating due to climate change, she added.

The UN chief is well aware of the fact that despite financial constraints, Pakistan is playing a positive role within its capacity to counter the impacts of climate change, she highlighted.

“He needs to teach new generations about the environment and encourage researchers to conduct empirical studies on climate change issues.”

Long term policies in line with sustainable development goals are required to make Pakistan a safer place for our coming generation, Gul said.

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