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Afridi defends statement on usage of drugs to manufacture medicines

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Narcotics Control Shehryar Afridi on Wednesday said that the practice of using cocaine and other drugs to manufacture medicines was followed by all developed countries.

The statement comes days after a video – wherein Afridi can be heard saying that the government burned tonnes of drugs recovered every year when they can be used to make medicines – went viral and received criticism on social media.

He had also announced that a factory was being built on the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan where drug seeds would be used to manufacture medicines.

In a media talk on Wednesday, the minister said that India had earned $22 billion by exporting medicines made by drug seeds. He added: “The vision of the prime minister is to take proactive initiatives and use every resource — even the ones that are an affliction — which have a positive utility.”

“There is a saying in English: ‘Nothing is good or bad, it is the thinking that makes it so.’ People whose minds are full of negativity will present even good things as negative.”

He said that though poppy seeds are not being grown in Pakistan since 2001, they were still found in Afghanistan, which is near Tirah, where he was speaking.

“But [in areas] where all resources are available, they can be utilised [in a] positive way to make medicines. Maybe the [point] was lost in translation from Pashto.”

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