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Punjab govt tells Nawaz to submit medical record for extension in foreign stay

LAHORE: The Punjab government has asked former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to provide medical reports in support of his application for an extension in his stay abroad within three days, adding that in case of a failure in compliance, the authority would decide if his application should be accepted based on the available record, it emerged on Thursday.

A letter written by the Punjab Home Department, dated Jan 28, stated: “It is, therefore, required from your side to provide requisite reports within next three days, failing thereby, the competent authority will decide the matter of your application as per the available facts brought on record.”

The PML-N supremo is currently in London for medical treatment. Earlier this month, a picture of Nawaz at a London restaurant along with some members of his family had surfaced on social media raising questions about the condition of the former premier’s health.

Following this, the PML-N had submitted a letter from a leading cardiac surgeon terming the ex-PM’s stay in the UK “vital” for his health management. However, the Punjab government had rejected Nawaz’s medical reports which had been submitted on Dec 23, 2019.

Nawaz had sought extension in his stay abroad on the expiry of the four-week period allowed by the court to visit London for medical treatment. With his application, Nawaz attached his medical reports, but the Punjab government had sought fresh reports.

Following his request, the Punjab government constituted a four-member committee to decide on it and on Friday the provincial government sought fresh medical reports to make an “informed decision”.

The Punjab government’s latest letter was written with regards to Nawaz’s application under Section 401(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), 1898 which states: “Whenever an applications is made to the provincial government for the suspension or remission of a sentence the provincial government may require the presiding judge of the court before or by which the conviction was had or confirmed to state his opinion as to whether the application should be granted or refused, together with his reason for such opinion and also to forward with the statement of such opinion a certified copy of the record of the trial or of such record thereof as exists.”

As per the home department, Nawaz’s medical reports, submitted by his counsel Khawaja Haris, had been forwarded to the medical board, which concluded that they were “not sufficient to form a conclusive opinion”.

Following this, Haris was asked to submit the latest medical records in a letter dated January 6.

“In response thereto, your counsel requested this department to approach you directly or your personal physician. So, your physician was requested through email to provide the requisite medical reports as desired by the special medical report,” the letter stated.

It added that Nawaz, Haris and PML-N Deputy Secretary-General Advocate Attaullah Tarar were once again on January 13 asked to provide the latest medical record, which the latter submitted.

The home department shared the medical board’s conclusions regarding the records which they said only summarised his cardiac imaging, echocardiography, holter monitoring and cardiac PET.

According to the Punjab government, Nawaz’s hematological and biochemical reports, especially platelet count, were not been provided.

“The board would like to know, his [Complete Blood Count] CBC, kidney functions, bone marrow studies (if done), whole-body PET scan as well as the plan by treating hematologist in order to stabilise you for necessary interventions.”

An additional letter was written on January 18 requesting medical reports, in response to which, Tarar had written a letter saying that the reports would be shared “in due course as and when they are provided by the consulting medical professional”.

“However, a response from your side or from any of your representatives is still awaited even after passing of eight days,” the letter stated, asking Nawaz to submit the medical reports within three days.

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