Lashari and Mian Misbah groups begin campaigns for Gymkhana polls | Pakistan Today

Lashari and Mian Misbah groups begin campaigns for Gymkhana polls

–Members say Kamran Lashari’s patronage of family events puts him in a favourable position to return to office

LAHORE: After Kamran Lashari’s completion of a three-year tenure as Lahore Gymkhana chairman from 2017 till 2019, elections for the next chairman would be held on February 1, 2020, while the contest once again would be between Lashari’s and Mian Misbahur Rehman’s panel, Pakistan Today learnt on Saturday.

A member of Gymkhana, on the condition of anonymity, told Pakistan Today that Lashari had completed three successful years as chairman, winning the hearts of club members, especially female and young members due to his promotion of family activities which were regularly organised in the club.

The source also said that many unique projects were initiated during Lashari’s tenure which could likely translate into a large vote bank in the upcoming elections as he has a massive support of club members.

Further, the launch ceremony of Lashari’s panel was attended by a huge number of club members who applauded his initiatives and appreciated his vision for the club, should he be selected again.

Another member said that the panel led by Rehman was also actively conducting their election campaign and disseminating their message through various sources to the members.

Misbah ur Rehman has the support of panel members like Dr Jawad, and in case this panel wins the elections, Dr Jawad might be nominated as the leader.

Previously, both Dr Jawad and Rehman were in rival groups that contested elections against each other whereas sources have termed this move as true ‘politics’. Many of the people who spoke about the elections said that the partnership between Dr Jawad and Rehman was confusing in terms of leadership. “Salman Saddiq who is a retired bureaucrat and active member of Lahore Gymkhana’s politics is supporting Dr Jawad whereas previously he was supporting Lashari,” the source added.

Most members of the club who were contacted by this scribe seemed to be rooting for Lashari. A female member told this scribe that Lashari brought in healthy changes during his tenure as chairman and it would be a great loss to not have him re-elected, “My children love going to the club now as it has been turned into a lively space as compared to what it was a few years ago. Female members feel a lot more welcome and enjoy activities introduced because of Lashari sahab’s progressiveness. Previously, the club had become gloomy and male-oriented.”

However, one member pointed out said that both the contesting groups are influential in their own way and the elections would be interesting, to say the least. “Members are showing a tilt towards Lashari because of his and his committee of members’ performance but we cannot undermine the power and influence of Rehman’s group. It would no doubt a tough election as Rehman’s group is prepared to give the Lashari group a stiff competition,” the member said.