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Envoy stresses need for close coordination to foil negative propaganda

ISLAMABAD: Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing on Wednesday said that Pakistan and China face a new challenge of negative perception from the western media and both countries need to jointly defeat the enemy’s false and misleading propaganda.

Addressing the participants of a reception hosted by the Chinese embassy to celebrate the New Chinese Lunar Year, the envoy said, “The year 2020 is the year for media collaboration between both friendly nations to jointly foil the negative and groundless propaganda by western media. Western media projects a lot of negativity about Xinjiang. In Hong Kong, every weekend hundreds of youngsters mobilised by western NGOs block roads and attack people and law enforcers. Western media reports about Hong Kong are also misleading.”

The envoy said that the Pakistan-China relationship is being targeted by western media and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is being challenged and doubted. “I am happy that China and Pakistan have been working together for regional peace and stability. The year 2020 will be beneficial for both Pakistan and China as two nations express our devotion to the common cause of development and international justice. China’s government and peoples would continue to cooperate with Pakistan and take CPEC to a new stage,” he added.

He said that the second stage of CPEC would involve joint ventures and industrial cooperation in Pakistan. He said that China would establish agriculture technology display centers all over Pakistan.

“We would also establish industrial centers in Makran, Balochistan.  We are also working with the government of Pakistan for the poverty alleviation campaign and for this purpose, the establishment of 50 vocational training centres, education and health facilities would be prioritised. Science and technology would be focused and value-added production will be carried out in Pakistan,” he said.

Ambassador Jing lauded Pakistani media for promoting Sino-Pak relations and bridging the peoples of Pakistan and China.

“Sino-Pak relationship is of prime importance. Media friends should double-check facts about reports on China, Pakistan cooperation. China is rising but we are rising peacefully. China has been picked up as a target and whatever you do, you cannot satisfy the enemy. Media should check facts with the Chinese embassy whatever reports you get about China,” he said.

He said that media efforts are critical for Pakistan- China relationship.

“I would also like to inform that we are not scared of criticism as China has the confidence to overcome these hiccups. Last year, China progressed at 6.2 per cent and the entire Chinese nation is united for the country’s development. We know how to combat challenges. We are very sensitive to local conditions of our partners and Pakistan is among our priority of development for shaping a community of shared future,” he added.

“Pakistan-China cooperation is not limited to CPEC as we are also cooperating in defence and international affairs. Let us combat international propaganda against China and Pakistan. Let us develop closer cooperation for media and the embassy and work for a brighter future. I think the implementation of CPEC in the best manner to defeat western propaganda and this should benefit all segments and sectors in Pakistan,” he further said.

The envoy said that both countries should also evolve closer consultation to ensure inclusive, clean and green projects. Media cooperation is so important and double-checking with all sources before reporting is essential,” he added.

“We are very much concerned about the situation in Kashmir and Indian unilateral change of status of Kashmir has violated the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). As a responsible member of the UN, we have the right to mention and raise the human rights violations in Kashmir. China has a major economy in the world we have cooperation with all countries. We are always stood against sanctions and military means and we appreciate bilateral consultation and we appreciate Pakistan’s efforts for de-escalation in the Middle East,” he further said.

“We have five new projects started in Gwadar. We have 27 other projects under the social sector and 10 projects are underway. For the next stage of megaprojects, we are consulting with the government which has formed a joint committee. CPEC will not slow down but it can change the focus and new stage is community-based,” the envoy concluded.

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