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Missing persons’ lawyer part of spy network, AGP tells SC

–AGP Khan alleges Col (r) Inamur Rahim of having information about nuclear weapons, ISI and ‘some people’

–SC suspends LHC order calling for release of former army officer

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday suspended a Lahore High Court (LHC) order calling for the release of Lt Col (r) Inamur Rahim, an advocate who was picked up by law enforcement agencies from his home in Rawalpindi in December last year.

Last week, the Rawalpindi bench of the LHC had declared the detention of Rahim to be illegal and ordered the Defence Ministry to release him immediately. Following the order, the federal government on Saturday approached the apex court to challenge the ruling.

Ruling on the government appeal, the top court on Tuesday suspended the LHC order and asked for the record submitted in the high court. Attorney General for Pakistan Anwar Mansoor Khan submitted a sealed report in the court.

During the proceedings, Justice Mushir Alam asked the basis on which the case (against Rahim) had been formed, in response to which the attorney general said a lot of material had been found on a laptop.

“There must be some reason for the arrest,” said Justice Alam, adding that as per the law, it is necessary to share the grounds for an arrest.

“Listen to the case in chambers, I am ready to tell [you] everything,” said the attorney general.

Justice Alam said they want to determine the nature of the crime.

According to Attorney General Khan, Rahim had information about nuclear weapons, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and “some people”.

“You mean to say that he had information which he shared with the enemy?” asked Justice Mansoor Ali Shah.

“Yes, colonel Inamur Rahim is a spy,” said the attorney general, adding that there is a whole network behind him in which many people need to be arrested.

Justice Alam inquired about the stage the investigation had reached, in response to which Khan said till the investigations aren’t completed, he could not say anything regarding the court-martial.

Khan said once the investigations are completed, Rahim will have full rights.


Yesterday, the Supreme Court had directed the federal government to formally explain the “connection” between the case involving Rahim’s detention and national security.

The court directive came as the top court took up the federal government’s petition against the LHC order calling for Rahim’s release.

Attorney General Khan had requested that in-camera proceedings of the case be conducted inside the judges’ chambers as the case related to issues of national security.

Responding to the government’s request, the apex court had asked for an explanation on how the detention of the retired lieutenant colonel concerned national security.

“We have no objections but show us the matter on the basis of which we should do this. Show us the documents, we will not make them public,” said Justice Mushir Alam. “Come on Tuesday to explain how the detention of Col Inam is related to national security.”

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