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White Lies

Record shortfalls, yet dubious stats about how revenue figures are up. The finance minister wasn’t all too pleased with the performance of the FBR and made this clear when he visited its head office recently.

It was a bit of a dressing down. So much so that the country’s tax czar, our man Shabbar, took a two-week break, citing illness.

So much for him being the wunderkind who will turn things around.


‘Tis the season of slappings as the last wedding season also saw the federal science minister treating a television anchor to a ‘knuckle sandwich.’

Despite the bluster of the latest victim, nothing is going to become of it. And the minister knows this. So folk attending weddings give him a wide berth, which I’m sure would come in handy when he wants that last bit of gaajar halwa.

The journalists, in particular, are wary of him. First he snatched our livelihoods, they say, referring to the lowering of govt ad spend, and now he’s literally slapping us on the face.