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White Lies

During his exile in Jeddah, Nawaz Sharif’s retinue used to keep calling him prime minister. And the man didn’t mind it one bit. His entourage in London still calls him the PM.

A contrast with the late BB, whose martyrdom anniversary we observed a couple of days ago. Once, when a former diplomat referred to her as the PM, she quickly corrected him. But you were removed unfairly, he countered. Still not the PM, she insisted.


In the heat of the moment, PTI member, Pakistan Red Crescent boss and Billo House Tour Operator Abrar-ul-Haq seemed to provide a sort of a justification for the attack on Ahsan Iqbal last year. When co-panellist Waseem Badami urged him to take his words back, the singer, simple man, doubled down. An error in judgment social media won’t let him forget any time soon.