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Lahoris suffering from low gas pressure

–PML-N spokesperson slams govt over shortage despite rising gas tariff by 214 percent 

LAHORE: Lahore is suffering from an acute gas shortage as the demand for the commodity has increased due to the drop in mercury levels.

People from various localities across the provincial capital have complained about very low pressure or suspension of gas supply.

In neighbourhoods like Ichhra, Township, Rehmanpura, Wahdat Colony, Township, Chungi Amer Sidhu, residents poured out on the streets over the suspension of gas supply and shouted slogans against the government and gas supply companies.

Many also pointed out that people in their own neighbourhoods had installed compressors or pumps on gas lines to increase pressure.

The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has been advertising against illegal use of compressors and pumps but has failed to effectively control their use.

An SNGPL official has claimed that consumers were only facing low gas pressure and that there were no total blackouts in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He also added that to address rising number of complaints the company has decided to curtail supply for bulk containers, like industry and CNG sector.

Speaking on the disruption of gas supply, Pakistan Muslim League N (PML-N) Information Secretary Marriyam Aurengzeb strongly criticised the government’s handling of the issue.

In a statement Marriyum said the excruciating outages even after a 214 percent increase in gas tariffs is a proof of the government’s sheer incompetence and inability.

“The 12 hour disruption for domestic and industrial uses shows that this regime is incapacitated to manage such matters. The domestic user, industry and small businesses are all a victim of Imran Khan’s incompetence,” she said

“How can a government be trusted to run an entire country when it cannot even ensure running of tandoors,” she questioned.

“Imran Khan must be ecstatic over fulfilling his claim from the container of shutting down the country and its industry”, she added.

The former information minister said that not only did the PML-N government ensure uninterrupted provision of gas to commercial and industrial users through effective management, but also facilitated domestic consumers all while not raising the tariffs by a single rupee.

Nawaz Sharif resolved the country’s gas crisis by bringing making LNG economical, she further said.

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