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White Lies

Imran Khan might be lucky in having his children in the UK, away from the possibility of getting into trouble and embarrassing their father. But he still has enough nephews to do that particular job.

Earlier, one of his nephews had gotten into a serious traffic altercation. Now, it is Hassan Niazi, who has been photographed to be a participant in the lawyer’s rampage against the PIC in Lahore.

Other nephews aren’t doing all too well either. Recently, one of his sisters, a successful businesswoman in her own right, approached a powerful property tycoon to adjust her kids in some business venture because they were quite rudderless in their own.


He’s cutting quite a sorry figure, the PM’s advisor on accountability is. Shehzad Akbar is clutching at straws these days, even counting the settlement by Malik Riaz somehow as an accountability victory.

The public, including a number of PTI supporters, however, seem quite disenchanted with the whole exercise.