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Musharraf says being denied justice

Former military dictator General (r) Pervez Musharraf on Tuesday issued a video message, wherein he claimed that his version in the case was not being heard and he was being deprived of justice.

“I served Pakistan all my life but I am still being tried for treason,” he said, adding that he has fought wars for the country and served it for 10 years of his rule.

The former military dictator complained that the court was not even listening to his lawyer Salman Safdar.

He also said that he was very ill and keeps “coming and going to the hospital”. He added that he is ready to record his statement with the commission if they come to Dubai.

“The commission can come here and I will give them my statement. They can come and hear me, see my condition and then decide for themselves. When they return, they can give their statement and when my lawyer will be heard by the court, then I hope I will get justice,” he said, adding that he was being treated “unjustly”.

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