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White Lies

The ruling party has cast some doubts on whether former PM Nawaz Sharif actually was ill. Not without some criticism: he pulled wool over your eyes, then.

Nawaz’s confident, surefooted body language might have been an I’m-down-but-not-out message but what are sticking out like a sore thumb are the sartorial choices of his brother.

At times, in parrot green safari suits. And at times, wearing double breasted three-piece suits with a hat to boot. Straight out of Coppola’s costume design. Strange choice of wardrobe for someone accused of running a mafia.


It’s not the Powers That Be alone but the ruling party as well that has it in for the news media.

Apparently, a particular cabal of advisors are after the PM to use any and all leverage that the federal government has, be it through the courts or regulatory bodies like PEMRA, to punish anchors and channels.

With friends like these…