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Imran thinks Nawaz was faking illness

–PM assails opposition leaders, Sharif family, says there will be no NRO in any case

–Praises economic team, says successfully brought down current account deficit to zero

–Says local govt system to revolutionise development in KP, Punjab

MIANWALI: As former prime minister Nawaz Sharif undergoes treatment in London, Prime Minister Imran Khan continues to assail him for exiting the country on account of failing health, claiming that Nawaz duped the government to go to London.

Addressing a gathering after performing the groundbreaking of a maternity hospital and other welfare projects in Mianwali, the PM said the matter needed to be investigated.

According to the PM, Nawaz looked fine when boarding the special plane, wondering whether it was the plane that made him well an instant or it was the anticipation of London’s climate. “Maybe he looked at the plane and got healed since it was such a magnificent plane,” he said.

He said that in the reports it was written that “the patient had heart problems, kidney problems, high sugar, and if the patient is not allowed to go abroad then he will be ‘gone’ [forever].”

“After seeing him climb the stairs of the airplane, I once again looked at the medical reports. The reports said that his heart was also in a bad condition, his kidneys were also not well and he had diabetes,” the PM said, questioning the veracity of the claims.

However, it may be noted here that the prime minister had claimed that Nawaz Sharif was very ill and he had gotten the reports verified independently.

According to Naeemul Haque, Prime Minister Imran had seen Nawaz’s medical reports, which showed that the former prime minister was “very ill”. “It is the right of every Pakistani to have themselves treated as they see fit,” he had said, adding that the government has no reservations over Nawaz seeking treatment abroad.

Furthermore, the PM also launched a tirade against former finance minister Ishaq Dar and Nawaz’s son Hasan Nawaz. “Hasan Nawaz lives in a house worth Rs8 billion in London,” he said. “Where did that money come from?”

He said that Dar’s father owned a bicycle shop but his son had become a billionaire.

“Musharraf gave the Sharifs an NRO,” he said. “I am not here to save my seat. If I give these people an NRO, the country will have no future.” Imran said that when he was called to the court about his property, he gave 60 documents in 10 months’ time.


He said the provincial governments of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are going to introduce the new municipal system in the provinces which will open avenue of progress.

PM Imran Khan stressed that foreign countries made progress owing to an effective municipal system, whereas power has still not been transferred at the municipal level in Pakistan. He vowed to grant funds to villages under the new system as local body elections are scheduled after a few months.


He said the previous administration had been spending reserve dollars to stabilise and maintain the value of the local currency against the dollar. The PTI government had not found enough dollars to follow suit so a correction strategy followed, he added.

As a result, the value of the rupee against the dollar depreciated by 35 per cent. Prime Minister Imran said he was grateful that the rupee devalued by “only 35pc” as it could depreciate to Rs250 against the greenback due to the external accounts’ situation.

It was the rupee devaluation that opened the floodgates for inflation, the premier said. “We didn’t increase the inflation,” he stressed, holding the former regimes of the PML-N and PPP responsible for the prevailing situation.

The prime minister, however, announced that the country’s economy is on a correction course and the measures taken by the PTI government have now started yielding results.

“I am proud of my economic team. During the last four months, our CAD came to an end. As a result, the rupee’s value increased by Rs4,” the PM added.

He said that the economy has now adopted the right direction and as a result, the confidence of foreign investors is restoring in the local economy, businesses are returning to the country and the Pakistan stock market is picking up.

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