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Marriyum says Imran should be tried for ‘hateful speeches’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Information Secretary Marriyum Aurangzeb on Friday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan should be tried in court for his hateful speeches.

Responding to the premier’s speech, the former information minister said that he has lost his mind in his prejudice against the Sharif family. “Regardless of the venue, he is always obsessed with the PML-N leaders,” she said, adding that Imran should have some respect for the office of the prime minister because the entire world sees his “rambling comments” as Pakistan’s official narrative.

She said that the premier has stooped so low that he is now doubting and ridiculing former premier Nawaz Sharif’s critical health situation. “A selected and incompetent prime minister said this because he knows nothing about true leadership traits,” she said, adding that Nawaz refused a wheelchair because he wants to send a message of hope to his millions of followers who are concerned over his health.

She further said that Imran’s mental stability should be tested before he speaks in the public because he is repeatedly committing incomprehensible blunders and disseminating misleading information. “Today he said that Pakistan’s current account deficit has been entirely eliminated, which is a blatant lie. He has no idea of the consequences of such irresponsible statements,” she added.

“The real reason behind this crass and raging fury is the premier’s incompetence linked with the poor performance he has shown in the past one year. Every time he inaugurates a PML-N project, his glaring incompetence and prejudice infuriates him even more,” she concluded.

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