PM to take action against officers not redressing public issues


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday decided to take action against officers who are responsible for not addressing the complaints of people on ‘Citizen Portal’.

According to the spokesperson of Prime Minister’s Office, a five-member committee will be constituted in every ministry and department, headed by a grade-20 officer or a joint secretary. The committee will evaluate the performance of officers who are assigned to address the complaints on Citizen Portal.

The negligence in all the resolved and unresolved complaints will be indicated on priority basis. The complaints are being addressed by the subordinate staff instead of senior officers which results into unnecessary delays, the spokesperson said and added no solid reasons are shared by the ministries and departments, in case the relief is not provided to a citizen’s complaint.

The cases are also closed without following the guidelines for solution.  Furthermore, the officers do not have a documentary evidence of the solved cases. All the federal and provincial ministries, divisions and departments have been directed by the Prime minister’s office to submit their review reports within 30 days, the spokesperson said.