Reham slams govt over restrictions on Maryam Nawaz’s ‘Diet Coke’


–PM Imran’s ex-wife says PTI should know ‘it would be very difficult for their leader if he is stopped from consuming Coke in jail’


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s former wife Reham Khan has lashed out at her former husband over the government’s restrictions on “Maryam Nawaz’s Diet Coke”.

“The Sharif family is a very resilient family. Your leader cannot spend even a single day in jail,” Reham said in a video statement. “Today you have stopped Maryam Nawaz from drinking Diet Coke. It would be very difficult if your leader is stopped from consuming Coke in jail.”

“You have placed restrictions on her Diet Coke today. Tomorrow if you have to spend a day in jail, you may not be served any Coke, Pepsi or Seven-up,” she added.

Reflecting on the events of 2014, Reham said what was happening today on the Pakistani political landscape was ‘karma’. She said Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F) leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman was doing the same things—dharna, long march, shutterdowns, protests—which Imran did in 2014.

“Things happened the same way (in 2014). There was a dharna after one year; This time Maulana Fazlur Rehman is saying the same things—’There will be a shutterdown, a lockdown.’ We had heard all this in 2014,” she said.

“They took 126 days and nothing happened. Look at what they have achieved. They have all converged on the same page. When Pervaiz Elahi is speaking against you, when he is saying let them go, when the railways minister is saying things like these,” she said, commenting on statements by the Pakistan Muslim League-Q leader and Sheikh Rasheed.

“The betrayal and disloyalty that you have carried out with people, the same is happening (with you now). The same people, with whom you formed your small majority, are threatening you. They are not Reham Khan,” she said.

She said that Pervez Elahi was “a very seasoned and much bigger” political player and that he has “given his verdict”.

She also said, “Your allies are also going to leave you. Ch Pervez Elahi was advising you to let Nawaz go abroad but you did not respond. You were disloyal to others in the past and now your people are going to be unfaithful to you.”

“What you (Imran) did to him in Punjab by bringing Buzdar. Now it’s time for Pervez Elahi’s turn.”


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