White Lies


He has issues with the far-from-ideal punctuality of certain cabinet members, the prime minister does. The likes of Firdous Ashiq Awan and Omer Ayub have been reprimanded verbally by the prime minister for being tardy.

Speaking of Dr Awan: much like many other cabinet members, she also wants to be seated next to the prime minister at the meetings. Once, when she managed to reach on time, and the PM wasn’t there, she placed her shawl on the seat next to him (calling ‘dibs’ on the seat, as it were) and left the room. When she returned, she saw that the shawl had been removed and placed several seats down from the ‘choice seats.’

No territorial markings in this jungle.

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If only the government could include prisoner furloughs on the basket-of-goods which the Bureau of Statistics uses to measure inflation. It would more than balance the price of tomatoes. From the demanded Rs 7 billion to a Rs 50 stamp paper by Shehbaz Sharif.

Yes: from seven, followed by nine zeros, to five, followed by one zero.