Local village officer still patwari of hearts


CHAK JHUMRA – A little over a week after Punjab government had decided to change his entire existence through Chief Minister Usman Buzdar’s approval for a change of nomenclature, the now local village officer, Amjad Chaudhary, BPS-11 on Thursday evening was brimming with the realisation that he’s still the patwari of hearts.

Chaudhry, 48, who would soon be allocated BPS-14 after induction through the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) followed by six months compulsory training, told himself while gazing deep into the office washroom’s broken mirror that no amount of training can undo the fact that he will forever be inducted into the hearts of the countless for whom he had performed bureaucrat and governmental favours for what he truly believed was a reasonable price.

“If there’s any place where you should be inducted, it is the patwari hall of fame. You’ve spent an entire career living up to your title, and no changes in nomenclature can take that away from you,” Chaudhry told himself.

Citing further evidence behind the claims he was audibly making in front of the washroom mirror, the tech savvy officer maintained that ‘patwari’ remains the only slur he takes offence from in verbal brawls on social media through his now popular fake Twitter account.

“What they accuse you of doing is true, it’s just the way they use the word patwari. That you find that offensive is precisely why you’ll be the patwari of hearts forever,” he told himself.