Punjab HED officer accused of workplace harassment


ISLAMABAD: Punjab Higher Education Department (HED) Female Deputy Secretary (Establishment) Rahimeen Akram has levelled allegations of workplace harassment against HED Deputy Secretary (Staff) Dr Haider Ali, pointing towards continuous harassment and discrimination against women at higher education institutes.

In her complaint to the Punjab HED secretary, a copy of which is available with Pakistan Today, Rahimeen stated that Dr Haider harasses her, her personal staff as well as section officers of her office.

Detailing the abuse of power by Dr Haider, she complained about his use of immoral language, shouting and creating unnecessary problems in daily office work for her the staffers and section officers.

She said that Dr Haider instigated her staff to disobey her, telling them to not take her seriously and asking them to sit in front of him while working.

“Dr Haider came to my office a couple of times and asked for the Wifi password in a threatening way; however, on refusal, he tried to get the password from my staff by using immoral language,” the application further stated.

Moreover, she added that a senior citizen Muhammad Kamal Mansoori came to her office despite the fact that his issue was related to the male deputy secretary. “I sent him to the relevant office, but Dr Haider misguided him thrice for the sake of wasting my time and trying to frustrate me.”

She also lamented that Dr Haider tried to seek her personal information from her staff. On their refusal, he used abusive language while threatening them that he would be the “one staying in the department while she would be removed soon, implying that they would suffer the consequences”.

She concluded the application by requesting that Dr Haider be directed to mend his ways, as his behaviour was unprofessional, sexist and unethical.

Interestingly, HED Secretary Sajid Zafar Dal told Pakistan Today that matter has been sorted out as Rahimeen has withdrawn her application, therefore, no inquiry is needed.

It may be mentioned here that Dr Haider is an assistant professor at the Agriculture College of the University of Sargodha and is working on attachment with the HED.