PTI lawmaker announces medical assistance to Larkana dog-bite victim


KARACHI: A Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lawmaker Aftab Siddique on Friday announced to provide free medical assistance to Husnain Bughio – who was bitten and mutilated by stray dogs in Larkana.

Siddique said that he will bear all medical expenses to the victim child who was severely wounded by stray dogs in Larkana city and currently receiving medical treatment in a Karachi’s National Institute of Child Health (NICH).

He strongly criticised Sindh government, saying that the people of the province are now dying of dog bites after facing severe difficulties to get proper nutrients and healthcare facilities against different diseases.

NICH’s Dr Masood Solangi told media that a medical board comprising experts of Jinnah Hospital is examining the victim child. The administration of Jinnah Hospital has also provided four blood bags for Husnain Bughio.

Dr Solangi detailed that more than 140,000 cases of dog bite were reported across Sindh, whereas, the figure in Karachi only stood at more than 30,000. He added that 22 deaths were caused by rabies disease so far.

Husnain Bughio, a six-year-old child, was attacked by seven dogs in the north-west city of the Sindh province, Larkana, inflicting severe injuries at his face. The incident was reported at Otha roundabout in Larkana, where stray dogs wounded the child.

The boy had been taken to Larkana’s Chandka Medical Hospital but the doctors at the hospital refused to treat the child due to severe injuries. Later, he was brought to Karachi, around 450 kilometers away from Larkana, for being treated for his face wounds.

According to Larkana locals, the dog bite incidents have reportedly increased after a top leader of the party expressed her annoyance over a campaign to kill stray dogs.