JUI-F gets token number 245/500 for protest queue in Lahore


JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s plan to bock all major highways across the country, after deciding to end his party’s Dharna in Islamabad, has hit a bit of a snag after being informed by his Lahore chapter that they were getting token number 245/500 for standing in the protest queue at Lahore’s Charing Cross. This has dealt a major blow to the JUI-F’s Plan-B as the historic protest site is currently serving protest group holding token number 113.

“Group-113 has just settled in and after two days no one from the Punjab government has even approached them to start a dialogue let alone get them to end their sit-in to make space for the next one. This is going to take ages man; the winters will be over by the time we get our chance. I’ve got a plastic bags factory that has gone caput; group-145 over there has an imported car business. I knew I should have joined those traders in Islamabad!” head of group-200 expressed his frustration over the long wait at the protest site.

Senior leader of the JUI-F, Mufti Hamdullah, while speaking with The Dependent was however very optimistic about getting the spot in good time even though the party holds a token that realistically might not be called up till next year. Upon inquiring about the reason for his confidence Hamdullah, without divulging much, simply said, “We know a guy”.

At time of writing a young man from one of the groups-in-waiting could be seen, in a state of shock, the name tag from his doctor’s coat hanging by a few threads, holding token 245 from some odd reason, repeatedly saying, “114…114”, while in the background group-113 was being swiftly replaced by group 114, the JUI-F.




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