Didn’t know of the 2014 dharna, found out through TV, Imran claims


Responding to widespread criticism of his opposition to the ongoing JUI-F dharna given how he himself staged a dharna back in 2014, Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed on Friday that he was not even aware of the PTI dharna back then.

“I had absolutely no idea that it was going on,” he stated emphatically, while speaking to reporters. “I only found out that the PTI was staging a dharna through television, just like I didn’t know of the decision to devalue the Pakistani Rupee through TV.”

“I am not to be blamed for this. There are people lower down the line in the party that should be held accountable for it, not me,” he said. “It was only after I saw myself on TV, making those speeches from atop that container that I found out that a dharna was underway.”

“This culture of blaming everything on me has to stop,” he said. “I hope, now that you have my side of the story, you will stop seeing some sort of hypocrisy in my position.”