Nation urged to stop condemning dharna performed by Indian agent as per his role in script


RAWALPINDI – The funded project which has seen a sit-in inside the capital has been in the headlines ever since its trailer got released. After facing much criticism, the protest rally finally received much needed support this week, when the nation was told not to condemn it.

In a message released on Twitter, the nation was informed that it should learn to think and in turn understand the context of the dharna.

The dharna is neither being held where it really should be and is not an event organised by the organisers, the nation was informed.

“Pic 1. The dharna is by an Indian agent as per his role, you may watch the dharna to know the context,” the first part of the tweet read.

“Pic 2. It is neither where it should be (Rwp not Islamabad) nor an event organised by us as such,” the second part of the tweet said.

The tweets have sparked further debate among the intelligentsia whether the practice of dharnas itself should be completely erased altogether. However, the nation remains grateful after finally being clearly told what it needs to think about the issue under discussion.