Bhutto family emotional watching little Bilawal grow old enough to ally with religious bigots on his own


LARKANA – The aunts, uncles, cousins among selected members of the immediate, adopted and extended Bhutto family, who participated in this week’s family conference call on Sunday, all teared up watching the fast growing up Bilawal Bhutto.

While the usual family issues were discussed in what is a weekly ‘Bhutto family conference call’, the elders agreed that watching Bilawal growing old enough to ally with religious bigots was an incredibly emotional and heartfelt experience.

“Look at our little Bilawal, all grown up and forming opportunistic political alliances with individuals and parties who have exhibited religious, racist, sexist and xenophobic bigotry, all on his own, without anyone else’s help whatsoever” said one of the older Bhuttos during the video conference call.

“Next thing you know he might be urging Pan-Islamism through a Muslim bomb, declaring a marginalised sect kafir, implementing certain parts of Shariah – aww can’t wait for Bilwal to declare Friday the weekly day off again!” added another elder Bhutto.

“Friday? I’d really love a territorial split of the country just to accommodate Bilawal as the leader of the residual territory,” corrected another senior Bhutto, urging the family to think bigger because the party is making the right political moves under little Bilawal.