PPP asks jail authorities to allow private doctors to examine Zardari


RAWALPINDI: The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) on Wednesday asked jail authorities to let former president Asif Ali Zardari the facility to choose private doctors of his choice for his various ailments.

In an application addressed to the Deputy Superintendent Jail, Adyala Jail in Rawalpindi, Zardari’s lawyer said that his client had been suffering from ‘multiple medical issues’ which had been diagnosed by a board of doctors constituted by the government.

“He is suffering from various ailments and was allowed two attendants to monitor his sugar and blood pressure round the clock. Due to multiple morbidities, even a board of doctors has been checking him every week. The cardio vascular disease and fluctuating sugar and blood pressure exposes such patients to greater risk contracting life threatening conditions in a stream hot and humid weather. It is also clarified that facilities be provided to the accused which are necessary for his health according to instructions of doctors,” a part of the application quoted the doctors’ report.

The application said that it was the fundamental right of every under-trial prisoner to seek the best medical treatment that he could afford. It also said that the doctors of the medical board were not as good as the private experts of various disciplines that Zardari would opt for.

In the application, it was stated that if Zardari was denied medical treatment, then it would ‘lead to irreparable damage to his health and may even imperil his life.’

The application requested jail authorities to let Zardari be treated by private doctors who would be given the freedom to conduct tests as they deemed fit.