Mohsin Hamid and Kamila Shamsie make it to BBC’s list of 100 novels that shaped our world


Authors Mohsin Hamid and Kamila Shamsie have made it onto the list that features writers from around the globe who have shaped the present-day world with their literature.

BBC has revealed its list for ‘100 novels that shaped our world’, on which at top slot is famous novel Beloved by Toni Morrison.

Hamid’s novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist is in the ‘Crime & Conflict’ category while Shamsie’s Home Fire is in the ‘Politics, Power & Protest’ category.

BBC’s list ranges from classics to contemporary, with works like Jane Austin’s Pride & Prejudice and The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling making it in their own genres.

The panel of experts that curated this list included Radio 4 Front Row presenter and Times Literary Supplement editor Stig Abell, broadcaster Mariella Frostrup, authors Juno Dawson, Kit de Waal and Alexander McCall Smith, and Bradford Festival Literary Director Syima Aslam.

“These English language novels, written over the last 300 years, ranging from children’s classics to popular page-turners. Organised into themes, they reflect the ways books help shape and influence our thinking. There was months of deliberation and reflection by the panel,” the BBC said.