Won’t give NRO to anyone, vows PM


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday vowed that there would be no reprieve for opposition leaders, likening the striking of a deal with the opposition parties with “treason”.

In a message on Facebook, the premier said the protesters encamped in Islamabad were only interested in striking a deal like the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).

“They just want to hear three words ‘NRO’ from me, which I will not utter as it will amount to treachery with the country,” said PM Imran.

He reiterated that Pakistan could never progress without accountability of those who had allegedly plundered the nation’s wealth. “Unless they are held accountable, the country could not be put on track of progress,” he said.

On Friday, the PM had slammed the opposition parties’ Azadi March and its demands for his resignation, saying he would neither resign nor agree to a ‘national reconciliation’ with any corrupt person.

Addressing a rally in Gilgit on the occasion of the region’s Independence Day, he had reiterated his stance that Pakistan could only prosper if it rooted out corruption and punished all those who had ‘looted’ the country.